World Axiom Pegboard Caddy

World Axiom, a designer and manufacturer of pegboard accessories, has joined Prevision Sales as a brand partner.

 Originally selling only on online channels, World Axiom was looking for a partner that had close relationships with retailers interested in bringing proven products to their stores.

A Variety of Pegboard Storage Ideas

Pegboard Jars

World Axiom Blue Pegboard Jars
World Axiom Red Pegboard Jars

World Axiom's most popular item is its pegboard jars. Their design is based on the original cap and glass baby food jars. By redesigning the product and using modern plastic materials the jars are crystal clear and will not break if dropped.

 Now you can easily store, organize and display all of the components that go into each design.

Tall Pegboard Jars

World Axiom Tall Blue Pegboard Jars
World Axiom Tall Pegboard Jars

We also got a sneak peek of their newest design, tall pegboard jars. Listening to their customers’ suggestions, World Axiom has added a tall version of their jars in both the blue and red cap styles. Now customers can store even more.

Pegboard Caddy

Need something the peg board storage accessories can attach to?  The World Axiom Caddy will put your crafting or sewing needs at your desktop. Add hooks, pegboard jars or clips and save the time you used to spend looking through bags and bags of accessories. The base is a lazy susan;  just spin it around to find what you need.

The pegboard caddy also works great on store counter tops to display jewelry, hair bands or other point of purchase items.

Pegboard Frame

World Axiom Pegboard Frame

Adding pegboard storage to your wall is easy with their complete pegboard frame kit. The kit includes the frame, mounting anchors and guides so it can be mounted either horizontally or vertically.

At 23" x 30" this frame can hold plenty of supplies.

New designs

World Axiom is continually adding to their product line. Prevision Sales looks forward to showing our retailer partners these amazing products.

If you are a retailer looking to add exciting products to your product line or a company looking for a partner who will put your products in front of amazing stores and buyers, click the contact us button below.

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