Home Decor Trends

What we are seeing for the end of 2019 through 2020 for upcoming wholesale home décor trends in the market?

  • Cork
  • Cabin
  • Coastal
  • Sustainable Gifts

Make sure you have planned to carry these items in your upcoming season.


Why Cork?

Cork is a sustainable product.  As a green product it will continue be popular with consumers.  We believe that the best-selling cork products will be a product that adds vintage art or popular sayings screen prints to the base product.  For example, a framed cork board with stencilled patterns on it.


Cabin Home Decor

Cabin items go from very popular to a medium level of interest and back to popular.  This style of home decor will never truly go out of fashion because it represents an escape from the daily grind.

There is a large percentage of the population that looks to escape to the woods to go camping, fishing, hiking or to spend time in a cabin on the lake. These designs bring those desires into the consumer’s daily life.  Cabin home decor reminds a person of an upcoming vacation or long weekend getaway.

Coastal Home Decor

Other stores may find that the escape their customers are dreaming of is the beach.  Lighter coastal colors, natural materials and artwork that creates the feeling of being at a seaside restaurant, bar or just lying on the beach will do well. We recommend designs using blues, grays, and coral colors for your seaside designs.

Sustainable Gifts

Shirts made of recycled water bottles, repurposed plastics and biodegradable gifts are getting premium prices as consumers look to reduce their carbon footprint.  These products come with a level of social proof that the consumer is looking to help the environment.

A last tip for researching trends

If you are in the wholesale home décor or giftware industry you need to be spending time every weekend walking through stores and looking for what is selling and what new trends are starting to appear.

Don’t assume that stores, especially large retail chains, sell only items that are in the middle or tail end of a trend.

It’s not just a boutique store that are selling products on the cutting edge of a new trend. Large stores buyers are shoppers themselves and constantly looking for what’s new and capturing the attention of people.  You never know what inspired them to be the first to try a new line.

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