The top Reasons we can help you grow

We have strong, trusting relationships with our buyers

Prevision is an integrated sales company experienced in working with wholesale buyers. Our buyers are interested in bringing new, innovative products to their retail store customers. Over the years we have developed strong, trusting relationships with mid-tier regional retailers’ buyers and with large national chains throughout the US.

We speak “buyer language” 

Our group has complete and expert knowledge of both retail and wholesale industries, ensuring we get your products in front of the right buyers. We understand the thinking of retailers and what vendors must offer to attract their attention. We are consultants and coordinators that match suppliers to the right buyers.

 We help you save time and money

We know exactly what resources you need to invest in marketing, product design and sales to increase your chance of becoming approved vendors for retailers. We are familiar with all facets of trends, tradeshows presentations and buyer relationships.

We put our name on the products we believe in

Prevision ​Sales’ name will be associated with our partners’ products from introduction, buyer targeting, quotations and backend orders along with shipping assistance, store delivery and the shelf and everything in-between. When we work with our groups of buyers, we are not looking just to sell our buyers one product, but instead to establish a long-term relationships and secure recurring orders for our vendors. We sell them products they can trust so they will invite us back into their stores for new items, reordered items and new programs.

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